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Why PHP file should OMIT the closing PHP tag?

HYEONG HWAN, MUN/ 10월 24, 2014/ 미분류/ 0 comments

PHP 태그를 안닫는 이유 PHP Closing Tag The PHP closing tag on a PHP document ?> is optional to the PHP parser. However, if used, any whitespace following the closing tag, whether introduced by the developer, user, or an FTP application, can cause unwanted output, PHP errors, or if the latter are suppressed, blank pages. For this reason, all PHP files should OMIT the closing PHP tag, and instead use a comment block to mark the end of file and it’s location relative to the application root. This allows you to still identify a file as being complete and not truncated. ** 번역하여 요약 ** 파일 끝에 스페이스나 엔터가 들어가면 php파일의 output이 생깁니다. output이 생기면 웹서버에서 헤더를 씌우고 출력을 내보냅니다.…