Xcode CGFloat to NSInteger conversion

HYEONG HWAN, MUN/ 10월 23, 2014/ 미분류/ 0 comments



There are two ways to Convert From CGFloat to NSInteger.

Solution one.
Convert CGFloat to NSString, then take integer value.

CGFloat foo = 540.0f;
NSInteger bar = [[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%.2f",foo] integerValue];

Solution two.
Just take Integer value.

CGFloat foo = 540.0f;
NSInteger bar = (int)foo;

Additional useful Infomartion

CGFloat foo = 540.4f;
CGFloat bar = ceil(foo);//541.0f  round-up
CGFloat bar2 = floor(foo);//540.0f  round-down
CGFloat bar3 = round(foo);//540.0f  round


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